2018 Season

by Nick Payne

January 30 - February 3, 2018

Director: Jess Osorio

An explosive play about free will and friendship. One relationship. Infinite possibilities. Quantum multiverse theory, love and honey. [More]

The Servant of Two Masters
by Carlo Goldoni

February 20-24, 2018

Director: Jo Boniface

The classic comedy about the always hungry and ever-resourceful Truffaldino who attempts to serve two different masters without either of them ever finding out. [More]

Most Of What Follows Is A Complete Waste Of Time
by NF Simpson

March 13-17, 2018

Director: Bob Callendar

A collection of peculiar and sometimes puzzling sketches, dialogues, meditations, sermons, saints' lives and sales pitches - many never before performed - from the gently subversive genius of N. F. Simpson. [More]

His Dark Materials
by Nicholas Wright from Philip Pullman

March  20-24, 2018

Directors: Peter Stevens/Siobhán Campbell

The SLT Youth Theatre bring to life Philip Pullman's much-loved fantasy trilogy which follows the adventures of Lyra and William as they travel through a multiverse, moving between many parallel worlds. [More]

by Stuart Slade

April 3-7, 2018

Director: Ed O'Shaughnessy

Jen’s dad was a chat-show host, a national treasure. But now he’s dead and Jen’s getting spat at in supermarkets. To make matters worse, Uncle Len has made it his mission to help her get over it. [More]

Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons
by Sam Steiner

April 17-21, 2018

Director: Jason Salmon

The average person will speak 123,205,750 words in a lifetime. But what if there were a limit? Oliver and Bernadette are about to find out. A play about what we say and how we say it; about the things we can only hear in the silence; about dead cats, activism, eye contact and lemons, lemons, lemons, lemons, lemons. [More]

Next Fall
by Geoffrey Nauffts

May 1-5, 2018

Director: Barry Heselden

Luke is deeply religious and Adam is an atheist but despite their differences they are in a committed and wonderfully strong relationship ... but something's about to happen that will test everything they each believe in. [More]

Miss Julie
by August Strindberg

May 15-19, 2018

Director: Anna Rubincam

The scandalous turn of the century drama, banned in Britain for nearly fifty years after its publication, chronicles a midsummer's eve of flirtation and seduction between the wealthy lady of the house and one of her father’s household employees. [More]

A Chorus Of Disapproval
by Alan Ayckbourn

June 5-9, 2018

Director: Lisa Thomas

Ayckbourn's brilliant and intricate comedy about the recently widowed Guy Jones who moves to Pendon village where he decides to audition for a local amateur theatre company putting a big city cat firmly amongst the small town pigeons! [More]

No Exit
by Jean-Paul Sartre

June 19-23, 2018

Director: Guy Jones

Tense, clever and claustrophobic No Exit, a translation of Sartre’s 1944 play Huis Clos, is the story of Garcin, Inez and Estelle who are about to discover why they have been brought inexplicably together in the confines of a small room ... [More]

The Misanthrope
by Moliere - in a version by Martin Crimp

July 3-7, 2018

Director: Naomi Liddle

Considered one of the greatest comedies of all time, The Misanthrope highlights the absurdities of social and literary pretension, focusing on Alceste,  a man quick to criticise the faults of others, yet remaining blind to his own. [More]

Toad Of Toad Hall
by Kenneth Graham, adapted by A A Milne

July 17-21, 2018

Director: Tom Melly

The infamous escapades of Toad leading to his imprisonment, escape, and subsequent fight with the weasels and stoats to regain his home, Toad Hall.

The South London Theatre Festival
by Various

August 3-11, 2018

Curated by: Bryon Fear

A new week long arts festival in the heart of West Norwood produced by the South London Theatre including stand up comedy, music, new writing, youth, film, fine art and of course theatre. [More]

Aspidistra Resistance
by Polly Churchill

September 4-8, 2018

Director: Joanna Ostrowska

The winning entry from our new writing competition, Aspidistra Resistance is about women, their priorities, experiences and the attitudes that inform and shape their place in time. Three women. Three different decades. One compelling story. [More]

Nell Gwynn
by Jessica Swale

September 18-22, 2018

Director: Mark Ireson

London, 1660. King Charles II has exploded onto the scene with a love of all things loud, extravagant and sexy. And at Drury Lane, a young Nell Gwynn is causing stirrings amongst the theatregoers. Bawdy. Sexy. Fun. [More]

by Stuart Slade

October 2-6, 2018

Director: Dave Hollander

Six young people are caught in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in the heart of London. By turns terrifying, inspiring, brutal, heartbreaking and hilarious, BU21 is verbatim theatre from the very near future. [More]

by David Hare

October 16-20, 2018

Director: Andy Webb

Kyra is surprised to see the son of her former lover at her apartment in a London slum. He hopes she will reconcile with his distraught, now widowed, father. Is the gap between them unbridgeable, or can they resurrect their relationship? [More]

Postcards From God - The Sister Wendy Musical
by Marcus Reeves

November 6-10, 2018 (includes matinee on Saturday)

Director: Bryon Fear

Based on a true story comes an uplifting and joyous musical celebrating the importance of art as seen through the gentle eyes of Sister Wendy Beckett, a nun who is about to become an unlikely, but massive celebrity. [More]

Forty Winks
by Kevin Elyot

November 20-24, 2018

Director: Chaz Doyle

Don is still carrying a torch for Diana. Don unexpectedly drops in on Howard and Diana, having not seen them for 15 years. They now have a daughter, Hermia, who is the image of Diana when Don first fell for her. Old longings bubble dangerously to the surface. [More]

The Snow Queen
by Matthew Davies

December 7-9 & 13 -15, 2018 (includes matinees on 8, 9 and 15)

Director: Simon Gleisner

This year SLT presents a traditional pantomime The Snow Queen, a magical tale for all the family, full of wonder, music and festive cheer. [More]