Autumn Winter 2020 Submissions Opening Soon!

Happy New Submissions!

Our next submission period pops out like a New Year Baby on 1st January, all sparkly and shiny and smelling of Johnson’s baby powder!

See off those January blues by fishing out all those plays that you’ve always wanted to direct (or want to be in and force on someone else to direct).

The new submission period will open on January 1st until midnight on the 31st. We’re looking for dynamic, fun, interesting, dramatic, comedic, life-changing and any other type of engaging script you would like to submit along with your accompanying dynamic, fun, interesting, dramatic, comedic and life-changing directorial visions.

The online form will be available to fill out from 1st January … please form an orderly queue!

Submission period opens 1st January to midnight 31st January
Submission slots on offer: September 2020 – end February 2021
10 slots in total, including the coveted Christmas 2020 Show which performs across 2 weeks
We’ll also accept submissions for up to 2 slots in the 2021 Spring/Summer Season for directors who believe their production would warrant additional rehearsal/planning time.