Behind the Scenes

The South London Theatre is one of the most friendly amateur/ repertory theatres in London. More than twenty shows a year says it all!

We are currently not in our usual venue in West Norwood, but have been re housed in Stanley Halls, South Norwood, for at least the next couple of years. It’s an amazing historically interesting venue. Two excellent theatre spaces.

However, we have a bit of a dilemma, many new comers who visit our site, are only interested in auditioning as actors.

For a long time, having been involved with theatre, I am convinced that actors, and would-be actors, should understand their craft by working in all aspects of producing a show. On the night, actors are not the most important part of the performance … what goes on backstage is.

I would love to invite all newcomers to SLT (and even some of you stalwarts) to become involved backstage. You may not get an acting part, but you will meet people, paint, climb ladders, build sets, use smoke machines, fake blood, be disciplined on show performances and generally learn the art that backstage provides. Some would say that understanding the work that goes on behind the scenes, makes you a better actor.

May I add that it’s not just stage managing, how about learning to operate lights, sounds and projections, costume and wardrobe, help with lighting designs, and therefore climb even more ladders! We welcome all newcomers, we want and need you, but not just for acting.

Please contact us if you have any interest in being involved with the South London Theatre, whether that be onstage or off.

Article by Kay George