BU21 – Casting Announcement

Dave Hollander, director of Stuart Slade’s BU21 announces his cast:

“We can’t wait to start working on this gripping play, which explores the lives of six young survivors of a terrorist attack on London. Despite the apparently grim subject matter, it’s a darkly hilarious and unexpectedly uplifting piece that is on its way to becoming a modern classic.”

– Dave Hollander


Siobhán Campbell

Dorina Stinga

Sam Moore Verity

Ben Rathe

Joziah King

George Mills

Please note that all cast members will be using their own names in performance.

Thalissa – Siobhán Campbell
Ana – Dorina Stinga
Floss – Sam Moore Verity
Graham – Ben Rathe
Clive – Joziah King
Alex – George Mills

BU21 runs from October 2-6, 2018 at the Old Fire Station. Rehearsals begin on August 5.