Bumper Year for SLT Raffle!

Congratulations to Jeanette Hoile and her raffle team on the news that their sterling efforts selling nightly raffle tickets at our shows have made SLT a profit in 2015 of just shy of £2000, the highest for any year since Jeanette took over in 2006.

Jeanette has made the most of donations this year, together with maximising our increasing audience numbers, especially for Oliver!

Our thanks go to Jeanette and the team for this great result – and of course to everyone who’s bought a ticket. Every penny profit we make will need to be pumped into our restoration funds, so the raffle has a part to play in that and we’ll continue to hold them at most shows in Stanley Halls throughout 2016.

If you’re able to help out by selling raffle tickets, or indeed by donating prizes, please contact Jeanette.