Casting Announcement: Bluebird

Siobhán Campbell, director of Simon Stephen’s Bluebird announces her cast:

“The auditions for Bluebird managed to drag 47 theatrical types through the doors of Stanley Halls this month. Both fantastic and terrifying. I’ve honestly never had such tough decisions casting and got through a lot of post-it notes in the process.

I won’t say Bluebird is unlike anything I’ve ever directed before, as that would be a lie. I imagine the process will be somewhat different though. Working with a cast of 13 will be a new challenge, although if they take direction as well as a class of 30 primary school children do, we’ll be laughing.

I’m delighted to be working with some familiar faces, some I’ve worked with before and some I haven’t. Also bringing some new blood to SLT, and hopefully an interesting set.

I’m raring to go, I’ve even been checking in with our stage manager Kay George on her travels in Zanzibar and writing rehearsal schedules from summer school.

Bluebird is a lovely, melancholy (oxymoron-almost) play, about life, humans, and what happens in the back of a minicab one evening in London.

– Siobhán Campbell

Jimmy Macneill – Mark Slaughter
Guvnor – Owen Chidlaw
Robert Greenwood – John Lyne
Young Man – Louie Chapman
Angela Davies – Fiona Daffern
Raver Lady (formerly Girl) – Charlotte Benstead
Clare Macneill – Cal Beckett
Richard Wright – Bryon Fear
Woman – Jeanette Hoile
Man – Malcolm Woodman
Andy Green – Rob Hatch
Billy Lee – John Watson
Janine Williams – Kim Goldsmith

The show runs from November 8-12. Rehearsals begin on September 18.