Casting Announcement: Di and Viv and Rose

Jo Boniface  announces her cast for Amelia Bullmore’s Di and Viv and Rose, which will be staged at the end of September.

“I am delighted to present my three leading ladies. I had such a great pool of actors to choose from, and I am very grateful to those who attended the auditions and call backs; as a director you know you have a good show when the talent from all auditionees bursts out in the room at you. Rehearsals start in less than a week and I am super-excited for SLT to meet Di and Viv and Rose! All I can say is watch this space #girlpower”

– Jo Boniface




Di – Eleanor Hindson
Viv – Jess Garment
Rose – Lauren Paterson

Di and Viv and Rose  runs from September 24-28, 2019 at the Old Fire Station. Rehearsals begin on 30 July, 2019.