Casting Announcement – Jeeves & Wooster

Director, Naomi Liddle announces her cast for Jeeves & Wooster in Perfect Nonsense:

“I had a wealth of talent to choose from at the auditions and much fun and larks were had as we got this sparkling script up on its feet. It feels like quite a responsibility to bring a new Jeeves and Wooster into the firmament and I’m sure Guy and Alex will do them proud, under the watchful eye of Matthew’s Seppings. Thank you to everyone who auditioned for not only providing us with such a lovely lot of choice but also for being so game on two of the warmest auditions I’ve ever been at!”

– Naomi Liddle

Guy Jones

Alex Watts

Matthew Lyne

Jeeves – Guy Jones
Bertie Wooster – Alex Watts
Seppings – Matthew Lyne

Jeeves & Wooster in Perfect Nonsense runs from September 26-30. Rehearsals begin on August 6, 2017.