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14 Feb 2020

Holes – the Director’s Preview

Director Naomi Liddle introduces Holes, Tom Basden’s black comedy set on a desert island and exploring the fates of four survivors of a plane crash. We hear you’re a bit of a Tom Basden fan – what is it about his writing that appeals to you? Well, it’s probably also accurate to say that SLT in general is a Tom Basden fan – many people don’t even realise he’s written plays and yet this is the fourth one we’re presenting! […]

24 Jan 2020

Consent – the Director’s Preview

Director Andy Webb introduces Consent, a relatively recent play by Nina Raine with a rape case at the heart of the drama. It doesn’t sound as though this is the easiest of subject matter – what attracted you to directing this play? The scope of the play and its ambition to tackle big issues was certainly the attraction. Subject matter doesn’t come more difficult than rape, but the rape story line is one of a number of interweaving layers that […]

10 Jan 2020

Jumpers for Goalposts – the Director’s Preview

Director Will Howells introduces the story of Hull five-a-side footie team Barely Athletic, a comedy drama which opens on Tuesday 14 January, “kicking off” 2020 at SLT.  What was it about Jumpers that appealed to you as a director? The play came on my radar through a chance meeting at a Belle & Sebastian gig. My friend bumped into someone he knew called Tom and introduced me. Afterwards he told me it was Tom Wells, the author of Jumpers for […]

10 Jan 2020

A Christmas Carol – foodbank collection update

Foodbank collections – an update from A Christmas Carol director Mark Ireson Although we’d rather they didn’t exist, foodbanks have become an essential lifeline for many people who find themselves in financial difficulties. As well as providing emergency food to those in crisis in our local area, the Foodbank provides support and advice to help people find long-term solutions to their problems. After every performance of our sold-out show, we held a collection for Norwood & Brixton Foodbank. The response […]

06 Dec 2019

A Christmas Carol – the Director’s Preview

Director Mark Ireson introduces Neil Bartlett’s re-imagining of the Christmas classic, which opens on Thursday 12 December for 10 performances over 2 weeks. What inspired you to direct this show? I’ve always enjoyed the story, and the prospect of seeing the huge cast of vital characters and its powerful moral message on stage is very appealing as a director. However, many of the stage adaptations were too “chocolate boxy” for my taste, in danger of becoming an exercise in large […]

29 Nov 2019

Spotlight on … Box Office Volunteering

Everyone visiting our theatre will interact with our box office team, whether it’s simply to check in to see a show or to sort out a ticket query. The team, managed by Gareth Milton, forms the gateway for audiences coming to our theatre, and it’s made up of cheery volunteers who meet and greet them. We asked Lorna, a very recent volunteer, and experienced volunteer Noah to tell us more about what’s involved. How long have you volunteered for box […]

15 Nov 2019

Sweeney Todd – the Director’s Preview

Director Lee Ridgeway introduces his ambitious production of the Sondheim musical, which opens on Friday 22 November. Of all the Sondheim shows, why Sweeney Todd? Stephen Sondheim is one of the all-time greats when it comes to composers and lyricists of musical theatre. It’s one of my two favourites, the other being Into the Woods. I love the dark and macabre shows especially; as a director you can really leave your stamp. When re-reading the script for Sweeney I found […]

12 Nov 2019

Spotlight on … Bar Volunteering

Do you really know what it’s like to spend time on the other side of the SLT bar? We spoke to Bar Volunteer, Naomi Liddle about her experience of volunteering at the core of SLT’s social community and this is what she said: So, why would you suggest members should follow your example and get involved with volunteering for the SLT Bar? Volunteering for the bar was one of the first things I did when I joined over 13 years […]

01 Nov 2019

How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found – the Director’s Preview

Director Barry Heselden introduces his next production, which wins this season’s prize for the longest title, and opens on Tuesday 5 November. What attracted you to directing this play? The title, it’s as simple as that! Scanning the shelves of the old French’s bookshop about five years ago, this title jumped out at me. Then, as I started to read this amazing play, my imagination was fired with so many ideas about the staging of this very modern and important […]

16 Oct 2019

Lear – the Director’s Preview

Director Bex Law introduces her new interpretation of Shakespeare’s King Lear, which opens on Tuesday 22 October. This is the second big play you’ve directed this year – that’s quite a challenge? Lear is an epic story with many layers and complex characters, and some incredibly entertaining and moving set-pieces. I love a challenge, and this production certainly fits the bill. Lear has always been one of my favourites – I’ve studied it in depth and seen various versions over […]