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13 Jul 2018

Changes To Managing SLT Memberships

SLT is now using a new system to manage our membership payments and renewals. It is called Pay Subs Online and allows you to manage your SLT membership securely and with ease. If you are a current member you can sign into your account and set a password and manage your details. If you are thinking about becoming a member there are new forms which link directly to the new system. For both renewals and new memberships head over to […]

29 Jun 2018

Celebrate Our Official Opening With Us

** THIS WEEKEND ** This weekend we celebrate the official reopening of SLT’s Old Fire Station home with a host of free (and some ticketed) workshops and events for all ages. There are lots of things for you, your friends and families to do. Come and discover your local theatre with theatre workshops including juggling and how to audition. Learn about the history of the building with heritage tours of our renovated home with lots of fun things for kids […]

29 Jun 2018

Aspidistra Resistance – Casting Announcement

Joanna Ostrowska, director of our  new writing competition winning Aspidistra Resistance by Polly Churchill announces her cast: “I feel honoured to be directing my first play for South London Theatre and in addition a play that had won the SLT playwriting competition and so has never been performed before. Auditions were held over a few weeks and many very talented people come through the doors of the theatre. A huge thank to Jess Osorio for helping me with the whole […]

15 Jun 2018

2019 Submissions Spring/Summer Now Open

** Deadline Midnight 7 July ** Get your creative juices flowing and your thinking caps on and whatever other mashed up metaphors you want to use, because submissions for 2019 are open! And we’re taking the opportunity, now we’re back home in the Old Fire Station, to make a few changes. We’re going to divide the year into two six-month seasons – Spring/Summer covering March to August, and Autumn/Winter from September to February. Shorter seasons will let us focus on […]

05 Jun 2018

Can Anyone Smell Burning?

The programme of events for the Old Fire Station official opening is beginning to take shape. Taking place over the weekend of Saturday, 30 June & Sunday, 1 July events include tours, exhibitions, a book launch and a host of free talks and workshops. One of these free talks will be presented by Laura Miller entitled: Can Anyone Smell Burning? A History of London and Fire.   London is just one of those cities that is always burning down. This […]

01 Jun 2018

Foyer Gets New Artwork

The makeover of the Old Fire Station continues with new artwork going up in the Foyer on two walls. The first piece to go up last Monday, 24 May, was the 1:1 scale image of horses charging out of the Fire Station c.1900 pulling behind it the ‘fire escape’ used to rescue people from tall, burning buildings. The artwork sits on the wall opposite the entrance so visitors will get a real sense of what the building looked like as […]

16 May 2018

Minutes from 50th AGM

Please find below the minutes from SLT’s 50th AGM. Minutes to be approved at the 51st AGM on Monday 21 May, 2018. For more information about the 51st Annual General Meeting please visit our page here.

11 May 2018

51st AGM Resolutions & Notices

We hereby give notice of the resolutions to be discussed at this year’s AGM. Resolutions and Notices including nominations and elections taking place can be found in the documents below. For more information about the 51st Annual General Meeting please visit our page here.

07 May 2018

Toad of Toad Hall – Casting Announcement

Tom Melly, director of the much-loved classic Toad of Toad Hall announces his cast: “Well, it was an almost impossible task selecting a final cast from such an enthusiastic and talented turnout, and if it had come down to those two attributes alone, I don’t think I could ever have made a final choice. However, I wanted a good mix of both established members and newcomers, as well as a nice mix of ages, temperaments, and sexes, and I couldn’t be happier […]

26 Apr 2018

The Misanthrope – Casting Announcement

Naomi Liddle, director of the Molière classic The Misanthrope announces her cast: “This will be my second SLT foray into Molière, after The Hypochondriac way back in 2013, and I’m raring to get started again on the silly rhymes and witty backbiting (and that’s just the rehearsals). I feel spoiled to have amassed a cast of experienced old hands and brand new talent and am really looking forward to working with them all on this funny, satirical, misanthropic comedy of manners. I […]