East-Poster8pm, February 23-27

East is an elegy for the ‘energetic waste’ of youth. Set in the East End in the late 1960s – the London of Berkoff’s own adolescence – this verse play is at once a celebration and critique of the performance of masculinity.

Les and Mike are perpetually on the hunt for a fight or a woman. Arrogant and amoral, they live for the spilling of bodily fluids. Dad simmers in a constant brew of suppressed rage and nostalgia while Mum no longer reacts to anything except the fantasies in her head, fed by the clichés of popular culture.

And then there’s Sylv who uses her sexuality as a weapon to goad and mock the men. She wants to escape the constraints of the East.

Directed by Kelly-Kim Cranstoun

Sylv – Olivia James
Les – Frank McHugh
Mike – Elliot Warren
Dad – Jenny Mclaughlin
Mum – Jardine King