Introducing the SLT Visual Story

To ensure everyone feels comfortable when visiting our theatre, we’ve created an SLT Visual Story. Visual Stories are intended to help prepare any new visitors for the experience of visiting a new venue and to help familiarise them with their surroundings.

SLT Visual Story

Our visual story includes photographs and descriptions which talk you through the spaces you will be visiting and what to expect from the different types of shows we put on, how ticketing works and what facilities you may use.

It also includes some information about the current show, who is in it and what themes you might expect from the story. We hope it will help to reduce any anxiety someone might be feeling ahead of their visit.

Our Visual Story is just a small aspect of our commitment to accessibility at SLT and we have created a new page for that purpose which you can visit here. Over the coming months we will be updating this page with information about access at the theatre and the different services we can provide to make sure everyone feels included.