jack7.30pm December 1-4 & 8-11 (Sat & Sun matinees at 2pm)

Many years after the Giant of Jack and the Beanstalk fame has been slain, the land in the sky is ruled over by a just and fair young Queen and her errant brother, the Prince. Meanwhile, in South London suburbia, two Croydon tykes, Jack and Jill, are persuaded to visit the magical kingdom by a passing Fairy. Once there, they join forces with the Queen and Prince and go west on a quest to find the magic harp, mislaid by the fleeing giant slayer. But all is not well as Hieronymus, the Queen’s Counsel, suffering delusions of grandeur, plots to overthrow the Queen and seize power.

An epic Christmas show spreading a great big dollop of festive yuletide magic for boys and girls young and old.

Contains loud noise, mild peril and giant toads, so best suited to children 5 years and over.

Director: Peter Stevens

Jack – Louie Chapman
Jill – Beatrice Hayes-Holland
Fairy – Jenny Mac
Hieronymus – Tom Melly
Queen – Tiffany Manning
Prince – David Clements
Riff – Simon Gleisner
Raff – Suzy Jacobsen
Mother – Charlotte Benstead
Marquis de Sade – Jack King
Molly – Tamara Thomas
Bianca/Prince Manly – Lynsey Pennycooke
Bianca/Prince Manly – Deborah Dubosq
Police Officer – Katherine Chambers
Mayor – Mike Smart
Mayoress – Jackie Burch
Mayoress – Audrey Bobb
Prince Nigel/Constable – David Carr
Chorus – Jenny Chadney, Aurora Hacker, Sarah Atkinson, Tabby McLachlan, Frances Gillard, Purnima Rae, Kian Johnson

Running time:
120 minutes including one 15 minute interval.