Love and Money- the Director’s Preview

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Guy Jones introduces Love and Money by Dennis Kelly, and talks about his experience directing this upcoming show running 17 – 21 May 2022.

What drew you to directing this play?

I wanted to direct it because from the first read, it met my taste for tightly scripted, light-and-shade drama, exploring how we form and assert our identities and how so much of that comes from external influence. There’s also a wonderful humour and naturalistic relatability in speech, which keeps me gripped.

What can you tell us about the playwright, Dennis Kelly?

Dennis Kelly is an award-winning writer with a TONY for the script for the musical Matilda, as well as being known for such plays such as Osama The Hero and After The End, and TV comedies and dramas such as BBC Three’s Pulling and Ch4’s Utopia. Most recently, he won the 2022 BAFTA for Best Single Drama for the lockdown two-hander Together, starring James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan.

How does the play explore the themes of love and money?

The play is basically an examination of how love can be stretched to breaking point by materialism and is ultimately a very contemporary depiction of the tension between the rational, material, cold and often cruel ‘real world,’ and our innate human desire for emotional connection and warmth. We explore the themes through the trials and trauma of married couple, Jess and David and their struggles with spending and debt, but also through Jess’s parents, David’s ex-girlfriend and prospective employer, not to mention a very low profile ‘agent’ and his prospective client, Debbie.

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What’s been the most challenging element of directing this show?

The last (I hope) throes of Covid disrupted rehearsals somewhat toward the beginning of our time and the cast had various other life challenges and events in their calendars, so we were only three weeks from performance when all six actors finally got in the same room at once. However, the play taking the form of seven fairly separate vignette scenes meant that this wasn’t really a problem and with a production in the round, we didn’t have a set to worry about, so it’s been almost too easy at times.

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Tell us about the characters we’ll meet

David and Jess are love’s young dream and should have the world at their feet, but their conflicted feelings as they search for meaning amongst ‘things’ has lead them both very far astray. Jess’s parents are so desperate to demonstrate their love for their daughter that they over-invest in a quite troubling way and David’s desperation to earn more takes him to depths via his vampishly rapacious ex-girlfriend, and an unctuous and desiccated ‘agent’ called Duncan who can fix you up with more than just acting jobs. Some of these characters and their antics have to be seen to be believed!

Love and Money runs Tues 17 – Sat 21 May at the Old Fire Station
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