Members’ Bar Makeover

Since we moved back in to the Old Fire Station last March, the building has been going through a process of continual renovation. Many parts of the building were left incomplete at the end of the restoration process when the money (that had been raised via the Heritage Lottery Fund, private donations and the diligent fundraising of members of the theatre) ran out.

12 months ago, the Members’ Bar, or Club Room which is open 7 days a week to SLT members and also open to audience members on show nights, was one of those spaces that needed some extra love. There was no proper floor, the ceiling was incomplete and some of the walls needed further treatment to prevent damp (the bar sits directly over the river Effra).

We are thrilled to announce that if you come down to the theatre to see a show, you can enjoy: pre, interval and post drinks in our newly restored Members’ Bar, now replete with brand new (matching) furniture. Some will be sad to see the back of the old mismatched chairs and tables that have graced the stage as many times as some of our more senior members, but the new furniture provides a more harmonious ambience and (more importantly) comfortable visit.

We extend a big thank you to Membership Director and Bar Committee member Guy Jones who selected the furniture and also single-handedly put the furniture together. I’m sure you’ll agree when you next pop down to see a show, or attend an audition or social, that the new bar and furniture are just another great reason to spend more time at your local theatre.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of becoming a member our next New Members Night, which is open to anyone curious about the theatre and its activities, is on Tuesday 12 March from 8pm. Do pop down and say hello.