Membership Figures Update November 2019

Back in early September in our last Membership Update, we reported that there was a levelling off of numbers with paid up subscriptions. Well, we’re pleased to report that things are back on the up again after a good quarter. We had a good few shows with large casts, which attracted newbies as well as other members back into the fold, and that trend seems to be continuing. Maybe there is an upside to the evenings drawing in!

It’s likely that we’ll always retain a certain core of membership, but do remember that our members are our best promotional tool, and one of the things you can do as a member is encourage your family and friends to become supporters of SLT through the Friend of SLT subscription scheme. As I mentioned last time, it pays for itself fairly quickly:

• For a £20 outlay, a new Friend gets a complimentary ticket, worth £12 or £14, so their outlay is a maximum of £8 in their first year if they never even pay for a ticket. (A generous donation to SLT arts, you might say!)
• If they use that complimentary ticket *and* buy a second within 12 months, they save themselves a further £4, reducing their outlay to £4 (A friendly tip to the SLT coffers, helping us to stay in business!)
• If they buy two tickets beyond their complimentary ticket within 12 months, they have entirely recouped the cost of their subscription. (Winning!)
• Thereafter, there remains a typical 33% saving on ticket prices for the length of the Friend subscription. (Theatretastic!)

As you can see from the chart below, Friends numbers are the most pessimistic-looking, so if you know someone who’s come to see even one show at SLT (and who doesn’t?), make sure you tell them about the Friend of SLT subscription offer, or better still, buy them one for Christmas! Without the revenue from subscriptions, SLT will not be able to put on the shows we’re so proud of, and whilst we’re not at Tiny Tim levels of hardship, we need glad tidings from any Ghosts of Theatre Future! (Tickets are already sold out for our Christmas show, A Christmas Carol – but we’d love this to be the norm for all our shows.)

Further details, as always, can be found on our Membership page.

– Guy Jones