Membership Figures Update

Back in March we posted some healthy Membership figures and promised to keep you up to date going forward. Well, it might have taken a little longer than anticipated, but here is the latest snapshot picture.

Things are levelling off a little, as you might expect, from the peak of Spring Summer 2019, when we really began to settle back into the Old Fire Station and lots of new people were attracted in. But bear in mind the differences now are in single figures and that the picture can change quickly. Some let their memberships lapse for a while (so drop out of these totals) and then return months later for another show. Equally suddenly we can have a show announced with a large cast, of which the majority are new members. (A scenario which has occurred more than once in the past year.)

As you can see, we’ve never quite broken the 100 Friends of SLT barrier, so if you are a member with friends or family who might be interested, or if you’re considering a Friend of SLT subscription yourself, do bear these appealing facts in mind:

• For a £20 outlay, a new Friend gets a complimentary ticket, worth £12 or £14, so their outlay is a maximum of £8 in their first year if they never even pay for a ticket. (A generous donation to SLT arts, you might say!)
• If they use that complimentary ticket *and* buy a second within 12 months, they save themselves a further £4 reducing their outlay to £4 (A friendly tip to the SLT coffers, helping us to stay in business!)
• If they buy two tickets beyond their complimentary ticket within 12 months, they have entirely recouped the cost of their subscription. (Winning!)
• Thereafter, there remains a typical 33% saving on ticket prices for the length of your Friend subscription. (Theatretastic!)

In any category, SLT always welcomes new members, so please do visit our Membership Page if you want to know more.