Forget-Me-Not Lane – Audition 1

Event Details

  • From: February 26, 2017
  • To: February 26, 2017
  • Starting at: 07:30 PM
  • Finishing at: 09:30 PM


  • Stanley Halls - Lower Hall
  • 12 South Norwood Hill
  • London
  • SE25 6AB
  • United Kingdom

Forget-Me-Not Lane

by Peter Nichols
Director: Colleen Batson

Performances:    June 13 – 17, 2017
First Rehearsal: April 23, 2017


Frank is packing his suitcase, and summons up memories of his childhood and adolescence during the Second World War, watching the experiences of his younger self with a mixture of amiable amusement, mortification and nostalgia.

The war is still in memory and this quirky play examines the tensions caused by the quickly changing values in the world evidenced through family members and a sense that you can never quite get what you want … and if you can’t get what you want – why bother?

Cast: 5 Men, 4 Women

Playing ages: there is scope for flexibility.

Frank (40s) – Protagonist, haunted by his relationship with his father, who holds story together with several monologues, requires strong experienced actor who can show the audience a range of aspects of his character.
Charles (60s) – Tries to domineer his son Frank, product of the age he was born in, is well meaning but feels he is right and has right to tell his son what to do.
Young Frank (Late teens/early 20s) – Late teens and early twenties, open to all that life has to offer, and wanting to get out into the world
Amy (60s) – Frank’s long suffering mother.
Ivor (20s) – Frank’s friend, when young best of friends, but they have drifted apart.
Mr Magic – Magician, ability to perform or willingness to learn how to perform tricks would be marvellous.
Miss 1940 (25-35) – ’40s pin-up, magician’s assistant and example of al round glamour.
Ursula (35-40s) – Frank’s wife, thoroughly enjoyed the war, thought Frank was going places and would keep an open mind.
Young Ursula (Late teens) – Frank’s youth-time girlfriend.

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