Sticks and Stones … Audition 1

Event Details

  • From: June 16, 2019
  • To: June 16, 2019
  • Starting at: 12:00 PM
  • Finishing at: 02:00 PM


  • The Old Fire Station
  • 2a Norwood High Street
  • London
  • SE27 9NS
  • United Kingdom

Sticks and Stones

by Vinay Patel
Director: Guy Jones

Performances:    September 10-14, 2019
First rehearsal: July 14, 2019

Sticks and Stones is a highly contemporary, razor-sharp comedy-satire on saying the right thing, avoiding saying the wrong thing and how the right thing can become the wrong thing before you’ve had chance to notice. It follows the story of a professional who whilst ambitious, tries to stay on the right side of being a good person, but during the course of a client meeting out comes a word which leads to them questioning just what it takes to walk the tightrope between offence and correctness. All parts are written without reference to race, gender or age, so casting is a relatively open field. All key characters are professionals in an office setting however, so ages should ideally reflect that. It’s also a highly energetic, fast-paced and probably physical play, with two of the three cast playing multiple characters, so youthful enthusiasm and vibrancy is required whatever your age. BAME actors would be particularly welcome to audition.


One actor to play B: Central character whose role remains constant throughout. A single parent at a key point in their career. Would probably like to consider themselves, “woke” and know what it means.

One actor to play Fred/A/D/E:
Fred is the counterpoint character to B
A is B’s protégée and slightly junior colleague
D is an underperforming employee (ideally with a ‘street’ accent)
E is an office cleaner (again a distinguishing accent desired)

One actor to play Trainer/C/HR/Kid:
Trainer is a jargon-wielding, under-skilled external consultant
C is a slightly soft and daffy team-member with B and A
HR is an HR manager
Kid is the sweet-natured, primary school-aged child of B

Any questions please email the director, Guy.


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