Most Of What Follows … The Director’s Preview

Bob Callender, director of our next production, gives his own unique perspective of a show that’s set to offer an unusual evening’s entertainment.

Once in a decade, perhaps once in a generation, a show appears that offers such penetrating insights into the human condition – that stirs all who see it to such profound recognition of a message at once familiar, yet dazzlingly new – that it makes humankind rethink its entire purpose and place in the universe, and approach closer to a state of perfect wisdom and perfect love and feel all sexy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super-excited to see that one when it comes out. Really, really looking forward to it.

In the meantime we’ve been arsing about with a bunch of stupid sketches by N.F. Simpson.

Apparently this Simpson chap used to be something of a presence on the avant-garde theatre scene, hobnobbing at the Royal Court with Pinter and Ionesco and Beckett and all that lot. But he had a certain amount of difficulty in taking himself seriously enough, and he found a black polo neck just a bit itchy. So he sort of wandered off from the theatre and started writing various sorts of short pieces for radio and television. A bunch of these, plus some unpublished sketches and fragments, were collected into a book a few years ago called Most of What Follows is a Complete Waste of Time, and it’s a selection of those that we’re doing.

So, um, there we are, really. I’m not sure what to add. If you’d like to come and see it we’d love to see you, and you don’t need to do any difficult preparatory reading ~ it’s not like it’s a lecture on Schopenhauer or anything. And you might enjoy finding out what’s the best thing to do in various everyday emergency situations, such as if greenfly are plaguing your begonias, or a flautist calls unexpectedly, or there’s a geological upheaval of catastrophic proportions, or if all your teeth have fallen out….

Most of what follows is a Complete Waste of Time runs 13 -17 March in the Upper Hall at Stanley Halls. You can buy tickets in advance here.