Murder Mystery – Meet the Suspects Pt 1

A Very Victorian Murder Mystery – Saturday 7 September, 8pm

On Saturday Lady Amelia Buchanan Duke hosts a lavish charity Fundraiser for her beloved Victorian Fire Station. She has invited several guests as well as the staff in attendance yet little does she know a horrible murder is being planned by someone in her company.

Murder most foul looks set to take place and you are invited to come and help solve the gruesome deed.

Who will be murdered? Why? And by whom?

What do we know about the potential suspects? In this, the first of 2 articles we take a look at those who are set to be present at the ill-fated event …

Amelia “Millie” Buchanan Duke
Your hostess for the evening. A Southern Belle with a large inheritance who has settled in England with cash to splash. Has a heart of gold and looking to give it to an eligible bachelor.

Lord Montague “Monty” Bagster-Whitmore
Wealthy landowner married to Lady Clementine. Owns the land and the fire station that stands on it. But why does the man who has everything have such a fierce temper?

Madame Syrita Smirnov
Known all over Europe, psychic Madame Syrita is more willing to foretell your future than reveal her past … she’ll let more than just her accent slip after a drink or two.

Olive Bakewell
This unscrupulous character has had a hard life going from orphanage to workhouse to her current position as cook at the fire station. But all this time Olive has been searching for her elusive true father.

Thomas “Tommy” Tenpenny
Tenpenny … more like bad penny! Tommy is a junior fire fighter who longs for promotion, but his creepy persona and suspected dodgy dealings are holding him back … but he’s not short of a plan or two.

Richard “Dickie” Thicke
Failed police detective “Dickie” Thicke is working undercover now as a private detective and hoping to finally prove his worth – but is that his real motive and who is he really working for?

You can examine the other characters who will be attending the ghastly crime here:

Lady Clementine “Clemmie” Bagster-Whitmore
Lady Adelaide “Della” Furness
George Furness, fire station captain
Edward Powder, fire fighter
Adonis Sitwell, classical pianist
Henry Fiddymont, writer
and Father Graham Cheetham