Murder Mystery – Meet the Suspects Pt 2

A Very Victorian Murder Mystery – Saturday 7 September, 8pm

On Saturday Lady Amelia Buchanan Duke hosts a lavish charity Fundraiser for her beloved Victorian Fire Station. She has invited several guests as well as the staff in attendance yet little does she know a horrible murder is being planned by someone in her company.

Murder most foul looks set to take place and you are invited to come and help solve the gruesome deed.

Who will be murdered? Why? And by whom?

What do we know about the potential suspects? In this, the second of 2 articles we take a look at those who are set to be present at the ill-fated event … see the other suspects here

Lady Clementine “Clemmie” Bagster-Whitmore
Married to “Monty” Bagster-Whitmore, “Clemmie” finds it very easy to spend hubby’s money and recently it has been ‘donated’ to service repairs at the fire station.

Lady Adelaide “Della” Furness
“Della”, Clemmie’s younger sibling (rivalry included), married beneath her to George Furness the fire station captain, she married for love … or at least that’s the official story.

George Furness
Husband to Lady Adelaide, George is punching above his weight, and many people know it. Captain of the Fire Station, he runs an extremely tight ship which has not made him popular.

Edward Powder
Dishonourably discharged from the army where he held the position of surgeon. There are unsubstantiated rumours that he may have already killed before while under the influence.

Adonis Sitwell
Famous classical pianist Adonis Sitwell is adored by the rich and famous and he courts their attention. The ladies are drawn to him and his hands are often found wandering more than a Schubert Sonata.

Henry Fiddymont
To save his failing career author Henry Fiddymont has just published a steamy kiss-and-tell exposé implicating pretty much everyone – the names have been changed but has he given too much away?

Father Graham Cheetham
The church coffers are looking a little thin on the ground but Father Graham has a cousin close-by who must leave their inheritance to their only blood relative … “ask and thou shalt receive”.

You can examine the other suspects (listed below) and their possible motives here.

Amelia “Millie” Buchanan Duke, your hostess
Lord Montague “Monty” Bagster-Whitmore
Madame Syrita Smirnov, psychic
Olive Bakewell, cook
Thomas “Tommy” Tenpenny, fire fighter
Richard “Dickie” Thicke, ex police detective