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Upcoming Productions

Abigail's Party

by Mike Leigh

Tuesday, 10th to Saturday, 14th March, 2015
Bell Theatre - 20:00

It’s the 1970s. It’s suburbia. New neighbours Angela and Tony have been invited to Beverley and Lawrence’s comfortable modern home for welcome drinks and nibbles. Sue is also an unwilling participant, as she is banished from her own home while her teenage daughter Abigail has a party. The drinks flow and strained relationships are exposed as the characters’ obsessions - class, money, education, career choice and taste - are all put under scrutiny. Petty competitiveness comes into play as the gathered guests are assessed against each other and their aspirations for life. 


Production in association with Samuel French Ltd

We'll Always Have Paris

by Jill Hyem

Tuesday, 24th to Saturday, 28th March, 2015
Prompt Corner - 20:00

A comedy with Parisian singing and a lot of salad...and wine.
Three English women of ‘a certain age’ meet up in Nancy’s rented apartment in Paris. Anna, an old friend, comes to stay and Raquel is seeking diversion from her latest toyboy.  The presence of Charlot, a male actor who makes a living as a plumber for certain...

Production in association with Joseph Weinberger