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TOPIC: Jesus Christ Superstar - Band Call

Jesus Christ Superstar - Band Call 2 years, 8 months ago #1

Hi all,

It's time to start thinking about the band for Superstar, and trying to get a feel for who might be willing to ruin their summer holiday plans solely for the joy of performing in this show!

We're going to use the 11 piece band arrangement. This calls for:

3 keyboard players

2 guitarists

1 bass player

1 kit drummer

1 percussionist

1 woodwind player covering sax, flute and clarinet

1 trumpeter

1 horn player


So far we have:

2 keys players (me and Andrew Chadney)

a bass player (Steve Limb, who played for Little Shop of Horrors)

1 guitarist (my son Tom)

a drummer (Simon Roberts, played for Oliver and other SLT musicals)


so we're still looking for:

1 more keys player

1 more guitarist

A percussionist

Woodwind (we could split the sax/ clarinet/ flute between different players)



Plus - if there are any string players out there who'd like to be in the band, I'd be more than happy to adapt some of the strings-on-keyboard parts for them - I'd love some real strings in the mix.

Most of the big orchestra sound is covered by the keyboard players on strings and wind patches, with the real woodwind and brass players adding in top lines to fool the listeners into thinking we have a full orchestra.

I'm going to try to get at least the required 11 players for this band, and I'd like as many as possible to be existing SLT members so I'm putting this call out before I start hunting outside the group to fill in gaps. I understand that some people who are players might also want to audition as cast members, so I'm happy for people to express an interest but not be fully committed at this stage, and to firm up the nature of their involvement after the auditions.

Standard: Well, it's mostly not terribly difficult. I don't have the band parts yet, but judging by the piano reduction in the vocal score, its generally at intermediate level punctuated by the occasional hairy panic moment of "WTF was that!?!" Nobody's going to be note perfect on first read-through, but with a bit of practice it should be manageable if you think of yourself as an OK-ish player. Generally I think it's a little harder than Little Shop Of Horrors was, but a little easier than Oliver! Of course the more players we have in the band the more we can cover for each other and the easier it gets!

I'll be playing for the singalong at Stanley Halls this coming Sunday (17th) at 7.30 pm, so if you're interested talk to me then, or email me on gerard@gerardjohnson.com

Show dates are August 23 -27. Band rehearsals will be arranged to be convenient for the players, but probably not generally Mon/Weds/Fri evenings/ Sunday afternoons because that's when I'll be rehearsing with Bryon and the actors.

Cheers all,













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Re: Jesus Christ Superstar - Band Call 2 years, 7 months ago #2

Suggest posting this to the SLT Members Facebook page. I will PM you with suggestions for band members.

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