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TOPIC: Blue Stocking Auditions

Blue Stocking Auditions 1 year, 5 months ago #1

Don't forget Blue Stockings Auditions are Sunday 14th May at  2-6 and Thursday 18th May at 8pm.

Cast List             8 women (varying ages) and 6-7 men.

Ages are very fluid on stage. Please do not be ‘put off’ by the possible age of the characters who play students. I envision people in their 30’s could easily play the younger roles!  If you like the role PLEASE audition despite any concerns regarding age. 

Please do not think it a ‘woman’s play’.  The male roles are VERY challenging and integral to the play with the chance for some doubling !

If you have any queries or cannot make the dates but are interested in auditioning please contact the director.


Elizabeth Welsh:   (could be any age) She is a widow, well-educated, the second head of Girton                                                    College.  She wishes to fight for her student’s rights to graduate with a degree but                                          very much by the rules.  She does not believe in ‘rocking the boat’ more than is                                                 absolutely necessary. 

Miss Blake:        (could be any age) A teacher at Girton College.  She is a suffragette as well as wishing                                 for the right to a degree.   She also graduated from Girton in the very early days.

Carolyn Addison:  (a Girton student)Slightly eccentric, her family is multi-cultural, bohemian and she has                                 lived all over the world.   She can be outrageous and daring.

Maeve Sullivan: (a Girton student)   Maeve is on a scholarship to Girton although she keeps this and                                         anything about herself quiet.  Her family is working class and she finds it hard to fit in.                                    This role might double with one or two of the smaller roles.

Tess Moffatt:      (a Girton student) Her family is no longer wealthy and she has hidden from them the                                      type of college Girton is.  They think she is getting a good feminine education which will                                help her find a clever, wealthy husband when really she wishes to be a scientist and                                      travel the world. She thinks she is immune to matters of the heart.

Celia WIllbond:   (a Girton student) Clever and supported by her wealthy family in her wish for an                                               education.  She is quiet about her past efforts at Girton and can appear quite                                                   emotionally delicate.

Minnie:               (could be any age) She is the maid of all work at Girton College - equally baffled by and                               in awe of her young ladies.  This role might double with one or two of the smaller roles.

Miss Bott:          (could be any age but probably well over 40) She is the seemingly humourless and strict                              chaperone of the ladies of Girton College.  


Mr Banks:           (30 plus) A tutor at Trinity but a staunch supporter of the Girton ladies and a friend (with                                 his wife’s knowledge) of Mrs Welch and Miss Blake.

Will Bennett:      a student at Trinity and a childhood friend of Tess.  Is involved in a major fight scene.

Ralph Mayhew: a student at Trinity.  Charming and sure of himself.

Edwards:            a Trinity student.  Quiet and given a good natured hard time by the others but wants to                                  be one of them.

Lloyd:                 a Trinity student.    Wealthy and arrogant. Has a major fight scene.

Holmes:             a Trinity student.  Friends with Lloyd but tries to be a peacemaker.  He is also involved in                               the fight. May also double as Billy.

Dr Maudsley:     An eminent Psychiatrist very outspoken on the female intellect or lack of it and the                                           damage done by female education.  Will most likely also play Mr Peck and Professor                                    Collins.

Professor Collins:     A Trinity Professor and examiner. Follows the ‘party’ line.  May be played by actor                                          who plays Dr Maudsley.

Professor Radleigh: A Trinity Professor and examiner. Very doubtful of the women’s intellect. May be                                             played by actor who plays Edwards.

Billy:                       Maeve's brother.  Will possibly be played by the actor who plays Holmes.

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