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TOPIC: Festen - Auditions

Festen - Auditions 3 years, 6 months ago #1

Festen Audition dates Tuesday 26th May at 7:45pm and Sunday 31st May at 5:45pm at the theatre. 

Audition pieces now avaliable - drop me an email and i'll send them to you. 


Barry xx


Production dates Tuesday 22nd to Saturday 26th September 2015


Audition Dates


Tuesday 26th May at 7:45pm and Sunday 31st May at 5:45pm at the theatre.


Helge is sixty and his family are gathering to celebrate this milestone at the family owned hotel in the countryside of Denmark. There is an air of sadness over the proceedings as Linda, Helge’s eldest daughter, and Christian’s twin, recently committed suicide, but this is a time for the family to come together and heal their wounds. Christian has prepared a speech in remembrance of his sister and in honour of his father. 


This is an amazing play that deals with many aspects of family life and human emotions that is not always an easy watch. Cme along and audition and get your teeth into some great parts.






The Family


Helge - The Father, 60

A successful industrialist, proud of his own achievements. A strong and powerful man who is the head of his family.


Else - The Mother, 55+

The perfect wife, she is a reflection of her husband’s success. Elegant and stylish. 


Christian – Their eldest son, 30-34

A successful restaurateur in France, is returning to his family home.  Distant and retrospective, he suffers from bouts of depression and has been hospitalised at times in his life. 


Michael - Their youngest son, 25-30

A failure not only in his parents’ eyes but in his own. He is obnoxious, rude, aggressive and generally unpleasant.



Mette -  Their daugher-in-law, 28+

The long suffering wife of Michael. You get the impression she is emotionally, if not physically, abused by her husband. There is a strength to her but she always capitulates to her husband’s demands.


The Little Girl – Their grand-daughter, 6-8

Young, sweet, a princess – non speaking (but she may be required to sing?)


Helene – Their daughter, 30-32 (older than Michael, younger than Christian)

The wayward child. Rebellious, argumentative and aggressive, particularly with her younger brother Michael.


Gbatokia – The Outsider, (Black actor) – any age

He is Helene’s latest boyfriend and probably the nicest character in the play. Strong,  protective and will always take the side the underdog. He may have a non English accent (maybe American) but this is not essential.


Grandad, 80+

Helge’s father, suffering from dementia and not really aware of what is going on around him.



Helge’s Friends


Helmut – German, 40+ (Slight German accent – not a comic one)

Helge’s factory manager and friend for many years. He is a kind, loyal employee and acts as the MC for the evening’s celebrations. He tries to maintain order when all about him is falling apart.


Poul – (male) 50+

Neurotic and a hypochondriac. A life long friend of Helge and Else but he seems to be the odd one out at the gathering, constantly complaining.  He does sing at one point, but doesn’t have to have a great voice.


The Staff


Lars – The Hotel manager –  any age

Strong when required to be but is able to maintain a distance and blend into the background when required.


Pia – The waitress/chambermaid – 28+

A local girl, and a friend of Christian. She is kind, caring and has always carried a torch for Christian.


Kim (male) The Chef – 30-34

Boyhood friend of Christian.  The strong silent type (but he does speak).


Additional hotel staff/ASMs

Re: Festen - Auditions 3 years, 6 months ago #2

Audition pieces now in tne bar. 

Re: Festen - Auditions 3 years, 5 months ago #3

Tomorrow people. 

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