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TOPIC: 2018/19 Bar Championship

2018/19 Bar Championship 5 months, 1 week ago #1

This season's Championship began on 1st June and we run til next year's AGMs. For the uninitiated the Bar Championship shield is awarded to whoever gets the most points for bar volunteering during the season. One point is awarded for every bar duty undertaken; extra points can be awarded for training novices, stepping in at the last minute or other extraordinary feats of volunteering. See me for details!



Matthew  72

Graham C  18

Lisa  16

Naomi  15*

Barry  13*

Guy  12*

Charlotte  11

Siobhan  11

Kay G 10

Liz  9*

Carole  7

Jade  6*

Jason  5

Dave  5

Adam  4*

Roisin  4*

Caroline  4

Chris VS  4

Anna R  4

Tom  3*

Andrew C  3

Sam  2

Celia  2

Lee  2

David C  2

Cal  2

Mark V  2

Daniel  2

Bex 2

Fiona  2

Graham R  1

Peter  1

Hazel  1

Karl  1

Bryon  1

Anna C  1

Kathryn  1

Ben  1

Nick  1


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Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 5 months ago #2


We're well under way and I am smashing it at the moment- only Shiv is putting up any opposition. All you pretenders to Naomi's throne better pull your fingers out sharpish!

Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 4 months, 3 weeks ago #3

Still top!

Shiv still clnging on to second, ahead of Barry. Big climber of the week is Graham Clements who has moved up to fourth.

David Clements joins the Championship table; great things are expected of this lad!

Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 4 months, 3 weeks ago #4

OK, I'm bored with winning now. A bit of competition would be nice!

Welcome to Peter Stevens, the latest entrant to the Championship standings.

I have a lst of names of people who said they would like to train for the bar as soon as 'this show is over'. I shall be putting that list to good use in the near future. You have been warned!


Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 4 months, 1 week ago #5

Well my Sunday double shift and the absence of Mr Heselden has meant that I have increased my comfortable lead. Graham is making a serious attempt at second place but the ominous mover is Barperson supreme, Naomi, who is making her way stealthily up the table.

This week's new arrival is Sam Handysides; welcome Sam.

Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 4 months ago #6

Most of the action took place in mid-table this week with Lisa Naomi and Guy all improving their positions.

If anyone thinks they have done ashift that I missed, pleaselet me know - Fest Norwood has been a bit of a 'mare from a bar-staffing point of view!

Welome this week to Kay George and Rooisin. 

Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 3 months, 4 weeks ago #7

So, 26 people have now done a turn behind the new bar. If everyone does one turn a month, that should just about keep the bar open every night.

Let's see, shall we?

Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 3 months, 2 weeks ago #8

Leaving aside my total domination of proceedings, points wise, the table is almost totally dominated by Barcom members (as it should be, I hear you cry!). Heading the chasing ( but distant) pack is our esteemed Chair, Graham Clements, followed by leading aggregate points scorers of the past eight championship seasons, Lisa and Naomi! Can they be stopped? It's up to YOU!

Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 3 months, 1 week ago #9

I've extended my lead to 16 points - but that doesn't matter because as the organiser of the bar Championship, I am excluded from winning it!

My nearest challenger is Members' Club Chair, Graham Clements who reched double figures this week - congratulations to him, The ony other movement in the table was Naomi jumping a couple of places - will it be a hat-trick of Bar Championships for La Liddle?

Welcome to the Championship, Dave Hollander who joined us last week.

Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 2 months, 3 weeks ago #10

This is just embarrassing now!

On top of me being so far ahead, I could probably give up now and still finish top of the Championship, Graham, who is stage managing Nell Gwynn at the moment is still second!

Come on, now - the aim is to have the bar open every night and we are a long way short of that at the moment.

Welcome to Bryon, Daniel, Cal and especially Celia (who became a fully trained volunteer in two nights!), who have all joined the Championship since the last bulletin.

Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 1 month, 2 weeks ago #11

Back from the International Break (ahem!) and it's still a struggle to staff the bar - as can be seen from my total of 49 duties!

Thanks to all those who have stepped up recently - particularly at the last minute on show week but this is 'no way to run a railroad! 

We need the income from the bar so, not ony do we need staff but we need custmers to drink in it! It doesn't have to be the hard stuff - we sell a variety of soft drinks and if we haven't got someting you like, let us know and we will see if we can get it for next time.

Wecome to the league: Bex, Fiona, Anna C, Kathryn & Liz.

Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 1 month ago #12

hello is december up on sign up yet mr barrota - eager to get some December shifts in ! 

Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 1 month ago #13

Why Lottie, yes, it would appear that you can sign up for December shifts via Sign up.

Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 1 month ago #14

There are now 38 people trained to staff the bar (Hooray!))


So why is the bar only staffed for two nights this week? (Boo!)



Re: 2018/19 Bar Championship 1 day, 21 hours ago #15

Still cruising it!

However, I am not included in the Championshio so it is a pretty close thing among the rest.

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