21 Sep 2016

Landscape with Weapon – The Director’s View

Naomi Liddle introduces our next show Landscape With Weapon, which plays in the Upper Hall 27 September – 1 October. What attracted you to directing this play? I’ve always admired Joe Penhall’s skill in putting across complex political and intellectual issues while creating stories with real warmth and realism. I saw this play when it was first staged in 2007, and while it is not one of his better known plays, the combination of moral dilemma, chilling government manipulation and […]

16 Sep 2016


8pm, October 25-29 A jaded hotel room in a ramshackle seaside resort. Two people grasp the opportunity to spend precious time together. A stolen weekend which neither will leave quite the same as they entered it. This is what they’ve been waiting for but why can’t they leave their hotel room? A play about love, secrets and coercion Fiona Evans’ Scarborough is a naturalistic four-hander which challenges you to examine your attitudes  to gender, power and alcopops. Scarborough has played […]

12 Sep 2016

Restoration Project – Day One

It’s been a long time coming … but today the contractors who have been set with the task of restoring our Grade II listed Old Fire Station moved into the site at 8am this morning. Camelot Europe who have provided security for the building since last year handed over keys to Matthew Cox, Commercial Director of Ash Contacting Ltd. at 9am. The live-in guardians who vacated the Old Fire Station in the last 24 hours left the building exceptionally clean and tidy and we are […]

08 Sep 2016

Bette & Joan – A Tale Of Two Icons

Director Jessica Osorio and her cast introduce us to their show Bette and Joan which runs next week September 13-17, with Bette Davis played by Jenny McLaughlin and Joan Crawford by Lily Ann Green. Tell us about the setting of the play. It’s 1962. After 3 decades of intense rivalry, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, two iconic Hollywood stars, have been brought together to star in the psychological thriller What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? The play is set in their […]

07 Sep 2016

Casting Announcement: Scarborough

Graham Rice and Steph Urquhart are delighted to be able to announce their cast for SLT’s October show. “We were blown away by the talent and sheer enthusiasm of all those who turned out for us (on a personal note, I’ve never had so much fun in an audition room before) and we really appreciate everyone’s patience as casting has only very recently been finalised. Scarborough by Fiona Evans is a little bit of something different for the season and […]

07 Sep 2016

SLT Welcomes New Training Director: Carly Binger

We are delighted to welcome Carly Binger back to SLT in the role of the SLT Youth Group’s Training Director. Herne Hill based Carly will be taking on the position with immediate effect and is currently receiving her hand-over from out-going Director Rebecca Twydell. Rebecca is leaving London to try Bristol for size, and we would like to wish her, and her partner Lee, all the very best in their new home! Carly was a member of the SLT for many […]

07 Sep 2016

Landscape With Weapon

8pm, September 27 – October 1 To his family’s horror, Ned reveals he’s the brains behind a new military technology so sophisticated, so extraordinary, it will revolutionise the nature of warfare. It’s only when the Ministry of Defence demands intellectual ownership that Ned begins to question himself, resisting the might of the weapons industry with frightening consequences. Director: Naomi Liddle Cast: Ned – Tom Mathias Dan – Jerome Kennedy Ross – Helen Chadney Brooks – Matthew Moore Running time: 120 minutes […]

30 Aug 2016

When SFC Met SLT … A Film and Theatre Co-Event

SLT is co-hosting its first ever event with Stanley’s Film Club on Wednesday, September 7. The evening will combine a film screening of the cult classic What Ever Happened To Baby Jane with a Q&A with the cast and crew of SLT’s production of Bette and Joan, a play that charts the rivalry between the two Hollywood legends during the making of the film. What Ever Happened To Baby Jane, the ultimate tale of sibling rivalry (1962; dir. Robert Aldrich), tells the […]

18 Aug 2016

Jesus Christ Superstar – The Cast’s Perspective

Yesterday we published an interview with the directors – today we chat to some of the cast about their characters and experience of working on SLT’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar which opens on Tuesday, August 23 in the Main Hall at Stanley Halls. Dan Goad – Judas Iscariot Dan has been involved with several musicals but this is his first with SLT. “Musicals take their inspiration from many different sources, but few have source material as ubiquitous as the life of […]

17 Aug 2016

Jesus Christ Superstar – Talking With The Directors

Director Bryon Fear and Musical Director Gerard Johnson talk about their love for this enduring musical, which they’re bringing to life from August 23 in the Main Hall at Stanley Halls. Bryon – it’s been said recently that this show was ripe for revival and you evidently felt the same? For SLT it was an accidental revival. We couldn’t get the rights for either the small play I’d opted to direct for this year’s season, or our scheduled musical. I thought it would […]