Nominations for General Council

We are delighted to announce the following people have been nominated to stand for General Council:

Chair: Simon Gleisner
Deputy Chair: Dave Hollander
General Secretary: Fiona Daffern
General Stage Manager: Chaz Doyle
4 Theatre Committee Directors:
          Jess Osorio
          Barry Heselden
          Jason Salmon
          Ben Rathe
          Mat Hill
          Peter Stevens
Membership Director: Guy Jones
Public Relations Director: Bryon Fear
Director Without Portfolio: Lisa Thomas

Elections will take place at the AGM. Where this is competition for a position (on this occasion for the four posts of Theatre Committee Directors) the nominees will all be asked to give a three-minute pitch as to why they should be elected.

Names will be drawn out of a hat by the General Secretary to determine the order of the pitches.

Members will then vote and the persons with the most votes will be elected.

Where there is no competition, unless barred from standing by Charity Commission law or in breach of SLTC articles and bye-laws, the nominee will be appointed to the vacant position. However, in the spirit of openness and transparency all non-contested nominees will be asked to give a two-minute statement as to why they are standing and what they intend to bring to the role. This will be done whilst the votes for contested positions are being counted.

If you wish to vote, but will be unable to attend in person, please submit your proxy forms to the General Secretary by 18 May. Proxy forms can be downloaded from our official AGM page here.

Any questions, please contact Fiona Daffern the General Secretary here.