South London Theatre presents its 2006 Pantomime - Magical Panto Fun for All the Family!

Performance dates:
5 January, 7.30pm
6 January 7.30pm
7 January 2.00pm and 7.30pm
10 January 7.30pm
11 January 7.30pm
12 January 7.30pm
13 January 7.30pm
14 January 2.00pm and 7.30pm

Members 5.00/Concessions 3.00
Guests 7.00/Concessions 4.00

Make it sew
Can you sew? We need volunteers to
help costume the show. It will be
basic dressmaking and patterns
and guidance will be provided.
We also need help coordinating
with wardrobe, and dressers.

Bob the builder?
Can you help build the set?
It's gonna be a major undertaking,
with four full sets and plenty
of canvasses to paint.

Flyloft Fun
Can you help Stage Manage?
There will be a lot of 'flying' of sets
in the show - so we'll need some
strong arms in the flyloft.

The Sleeping Beauty, by Norman Robbins
5 - 14 January 2006 (matinees 7 and 14 Jan)

It's in front of you...

SLT's Theatre Committee has announced that following the success of last year's pantomime, Dick Whittington, this year's pantomime will be The Sleeping Beauty, by Norman Robbins. Stuey Draper has been appointed as director and the show will run from 5 to 14th January, including two matinees.

Although still some months away, this year's show will be unlike anything we have ever seen at SLT before - and a huge number of volunteers are going to be needed to get it off the ground. Performing in his first pantomime at the age of nine, and having appeared in or directed over 20 pantomimes, Draper believes he can deliver something spectacular in 2006.

'My first panto was Sing-a-Song-of-Sixpence with my parents' local amdram group, The Vesey Players. Mum was the principal boy, Prince Valentine, and my dad was musical director. My sister and brother were also in the show. Following that, it's hardly surprising that I grew up with a great love of the medium. I've been looking to do a panto at SLT for several years - but every time my ambition has been thwarted.'

Draper is keen to stress that, unlike the last two SLT offerings, this will be a traditional pantomime. 'I'm not a big fan of modernising pantomimes. I'm aiming for a show that has all the proven elements, and although you can play it tongue in cheek, ours will not be a pastiche. I don't think that works. Panto should have something for the kids, and something for the adults. Anything too cerebral is going to bore the audience eventually.' According to Draper, next year's offering will be more magical and fantastical than anything previously seen at SLT. 'I have designed several pantomimes and have drawn up the initial sets already. What we're looking for is a fairy-tale 'pop-up book' look to the show - I want the audience to gasp every time the curtains open. Every set piece, every production number should have the audience bouncing. A panto is about fun, it's about extremes. It's high-octane, anarchic madness. Expect something fantastic - then we'll deliver something beyond your expectations.'

There are plenty of parts for everyone, and all the principal roles are good meaty comedy parts. If you're new to SLT, this could be a great way to cut your teeth. We're looking for a chorus of at least 15/20 adults - and ALL the chorus get plenty to do all the time. We're looking for 40 (yes 40!) kids (two casts of 20) to play fairies, villagers, sprites and the Wicked Fairy's minions. The first half is set in Mediaeval times - the second half in Victorian England. So expect lots of fabulous costume changes!

Azuriel, the Good Fairy FEMALE
Fusspot, the Lord Chamberlain MALE
Tickles, the Court Jester MALE
King Cedric VII of Entertania MALE
Queen Semolina of Entertainia MALE OR FEMALE (could be a second dame)
Dame Ammonia Goodbody, the Royal Nurse MALE OR FEMALE
Carrabosse, the Wicked Fairy MALE OR FEMALE
Shout, a Herald, MALE OR FEMALE
Bawl, a Herald, MALE OR FEMALE
Princess Aurora FEMALE
Prince Valiant of Euphoria MALE

Everybody will need to be able to sing a little, although the Prince and Princess could do with reasonable voices. We're not really bothered about age. There are lots of smaller parts too, and we'll need villagers, fairies, scary cats and rats (!), domestic staff and ball guests.

Director: Stuey Draper
Assistant Director: Maria Bates
Director, Babes' Chorus: Ronae Snow

Musical Director: Helen Jones

PAs: Angela Barnes, Paula Kelly
Technical Director: Gavin Parker
PR & Marketing: Helen Brown
Fight Director: Anton Krause
Stage Manager: Jess Ossorio
ASMs: Lee Ridgeway
Set Design: Stuey Draper
Design: Gavin Parker & Chris Liddle
Choreography: Lydia Watkins, Vanessa Colls
Wardrobe: Edwina Watson, Michelle Thomson, Rachel Lovegrove, Marian Buss

Contact: Stuey Draper / 020 7639 5590