Auditions for Sheltered – a rehearsed reading

 Sheltered by Greg A. Smith, to take place on Sunday 20 December at 7pm via Zoom.

As part of Fest(ive) Norwood, SLT will be performing a rehearsed reading of Shelteredvia Zoom. We will also be partnering with the national charity Crisis , to raise money for the homeless this Christmas.

Play Summary

London. Christmas Day. Middle class couple Harry and Tamsin invite young homeless man, Rory, into their home to share Christmas with them and their daughter, Jenna. Presents are opened; parlour games played; parsnips and sprouts prepared; pregnancies faked and perfect preparations disrupted.

It soon becomes obvious that Rory is no typical rough sleeper, proving himself smart, capable and literate. But when Harry’s arch-nemesis, Donald, and his unhappily browbeaten wife, Marissa, arrive, what initially appeared to be an act of faintly patronising charity reveals itself as something much less festive. If Rory can survive the night, he will be given the chance to change his life. But can how much will it cost to win?

Character Breakdown:

    • Tamsin – Early 40s, female. Only cares about her Christmas dinner being served on time. And that no one spills anything on her expensive furniture.
    • Jenna – 17, female. Dark sense of humour. Likes to push the boundaries and get a rise out of her parents – she is constant disappointment to them both.
    • Harry – Early 40s, male. Has worked hard to build a good life for his family. Never quite measured up to Donald and very much lives in his shadow.
    • Rory – Mid 20s, male. Smart, articulate and witty. Loves to read.
    • Donald – Early 40s, male. Thinks the world of himself. Larger than life character. Will win no matter the cost.
    • Marissa – 30s, female. Trophy wife. Not much personality, but she looks good on Donald’s arm. She is beginning to tire of her lot in life and longs to be free.
    • Den – Early 30s, male. Strong, muscular. Has had a hard life and will fight anyone who tries to take from him. No moral compass.

    There is some flexibility in the ages for this reading, though Jenna needs to look like a teenager. Auditions are open to all, regardless of race or ethnicity.

    Auditions will be held via Zoom on Friday (20 November) from 5 – 7pm and Saturday (21 November) from 10am-noon

    If you would like to audition, please send an email to Jennifer at playreadingslt@gmail.com and specify which part(s) you want to read for and which date/time you prefer. You will be given a 15-minute time slot and a short audition piece to read.

    There will be 4-5 rehearsals on Zoom, which will be scheduled around cast availability. All cast need to be availabile from 5pm on Sunday, 20 December for a tech rehearsal.

    Jennifer Nettles