SLT Membership Climbs To New Heights

Do you really know what you’re a part of, when you join or renew your SLT membership? Do you feel like you’re in touch with just how well SLT is doing? Well, here is some information which might surprise, delight, or at the very least inform you and help you understand exactly what SLT is made of these days.

Going forward, we will be regularly publishing our membership figures on the website and newsletters, and in this first Membership bulletin, we have some great news to impart. Membership is up, up, up! Full Members – those who are participating in the efforts of SLT day to day, to put on top quality local theatre – now number over 100 more than we did two years ago. We have increased our membership by 65 since we celebrated our return to our beloved West Norwood home, last spring.

The trend is clear in the graph and that’s thanks to members, making SLT the place we all love. Along with the SLT Youth Theatre, the Members Club Bar, Wardrobe Hire and the perennial and beloved raffle at every show, Membership revenue is vital to keeping the building open, the lights on and crucially, the shows on the stage! So, why not spread the word, sign up a friend and keep the figures climbing?