Following on from the success of the FEST Shorts in recent years, SLT are delighted to announce that we will be hosting three nights of new writing on August 12- 14.

Our deadline for playwrights and directors has now passed, but we’re still looking for actors to express their interest in taking part.


Please express an interest by 6pm on July 15th   You must be available for:

  • Auditions before 23rd July 
  • Rehearsals from at least 25th July (evening and weekends)
  • Tech and dress rehearsals, 10-11th August (evenings)
  • Performances 12-14th August 

Please apply to: shorts@southlondontheatre.co.uk with the headline: 


AFTER BRENDAN by WiIl Howells Directed by Tristan White
GEORGE (M), PLAYING AGE mid to late 30s,
KELLY (F), PLAYING AGE ate 20’s, office worker


PARDON MY PREDILECTION by Eddie Coleman Directed by Matthew Partridge
Hans stereotypical mad scientist. Has a German accent and in his 30s.
Betty Ordinary “girl next door”, who has been dating Hans. Eager to find a life partner. 20s/30s


DIPLOMACY by Audrey Lindsay Directed by Rebecca Bex Law
ROLES: 2 m 2 f
Pat Ragland – PLAYING AGE 35-50s, British working class (f)
Philip Manning – PLAYING AGE 50s (but flexible) British (m)
Junior Consular Official – PLAYING AGE 20’s ish, British (m)
Gabby Drissold – PLAYING AGE – 50’s, elegant, wealthy, educated American


GOING TO SEED by Jane Dodd Directed by Paul White
ROLES 1 m 1f
PLAYING AGE both 40-50’s
Northern accent would be nice but not essential.


FLUX by Joel Arnold Directed by Robert Wallis
3 actors any age or gender
Banks – Highly-strung and increasingly frustrated by a lack of purpose.
Abel – An optimist. Not naive per se, but trusting what they are doing
Cavendish – Pragmatic by nature, but rapidly losing his/her grip on reality.


BLOWN OFF COURSE by Alistair Mackay Directed by Lily Ann Green
Megan – career woman- in charge 35 to 45
Sam – American, he is seemingly more easy going. 35 to 40 (not British – slight US accent possibly)


BURNING by Lisa Thomas Directed by Lisa Thomas
John – 30 – a fireman – empathetic, enthusiastic, slightly mysterious
Vic – 45-55 – should look significantly older than John. Has lived a lot. In the context of the play he is visibly shaken and agitated.


SUNDAE GIRL by Charlotte Benstead directed by Jenny Gammon
This is a “memory” play open to much older actors to interpret the characters. (Due to safeguarding measures, it would be easier if the roles were cast from members of SLT over 18.)
Lucy – a school-girl of curvaceous proportions (padding provided PLEASE don’t let being sylph-like inhibit you from auditioning!)
Judith – The bully. Thoroughly nasty individual – probably a delight to portray.
Debbie Harry – You don’t need to look like Debbie Harry – makeup and wig help is on hand. Ideally should be able to roller skate!


ALL THE KING’S MEN by Nick Mouton directed by Jenny Gammon
ROLES: 1 F, 2M
A young soldier (m) 20’s fresh faced farm boy
A Detective Inspector (f) the boss
A Detective Sergeant (m) chatty

PLEASE NOTE:  Any actor chosen to take part must be a full SLT member before rehearsals begin.