Social: SLT Quiz

Saturday, 20 July, 7.30pm

Pull on your trivia trousers, strap on your boffin bonnets and sharpen your pedantry pencils, it’s time for another SLT Quiz at our wonderful Members Club bar.

As well as the picture puzzle sheet and the music round, there will be rounds with the usual cryptic clues as to their themes, in order to strategise around when to play your team’s double points joker.

Stand by for the cryptic crossword clues to the round themes, to work out in advance of the day, where your strengths lie! The quiz will start at 19:30, so get your teams assembled by 19:15.

6 members maximum per team. £5 per person to enter, with cash jackpot prize and all funds raised going to our beloved Theatre.

This event is open to members and their guests, so feel free to recruit a brain for your team from outside the membership. (Unless you know Judith Keppel or something, in which case you’d be filthy cheater.)