South London Theatre Podcast: Episode 2 – Not Such Stuff

Episode 2 of the South London Theatre Podcast is out!

Chase off the January blues with this conversation with Saskia van’t Hoff, director of the upcoming 27th Letter Theatre production Not Such Stuff by Chris Wint hosted by South London Theatre. Our discussion will help you brush up your Shakespeare or, if you care not a jot for the Bard, give you an interesting perspective on his work and its ongoing relevance.

Content warning: there is discussion of contemporary misogyny and some strong language.

It will also give you a flavour for what promises to be a highly engaging and thought-provoking multi-media production that will suit Shakespeare philes and phobes alike…

Check out Episode 2: Not Such Stuff 

Tickets are on sale for Not Such Stuff running Tue 25th January 2022 – Sat 29th January 2022.

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