Spring Summer 2020 Submissions Opening Soon!

Time flies when SLT are having fun!!! … and before you know it, it’s submission time again!

So all you Directors, budding Directors, and also those of you that have a script you love in search of a Director … it is time to dust off those scripts and throw them into the friendly ring of a new SLT Submission period!

We are now looking at Spring/Summer 2020 … the buzzing of bees, croquet on the lawn … and a dazzling array of talent on show in our wonderful theatre space! As with all submission periods, we are hoping to receive a vivid mix of scripts and styles, from the crowd pleasing to cerebral, from the classics to new writing and perhaps even a musical or two: the theatre is a canvas for your creations!

It is pretty much an open remit, but we would love to end the summer season with a family show particularly one that could involve youth members.

But we are not just looking at the hazy days of summer! oh no … some members have said that they miss having a whole 12 month season in advance as they found it easier to plan their submission, so we are also open to scheduling a maximum of 2 advance slots in the Autumn/Winter 2020 season to give Directors additional flexibility if they require extra planning or resources.

Here’s the science bit:
Submissions open: 17 June, 2019
Submissions close: Midnight 15 July, 2019