Stones in his Pockets

Stones-in-his-Pockets8pm, April 5-9

Stones In His Pockets tells the hilarious and poignant story of an American historical blockbuster filming in rural Ireland, through the eyes of two of the locals employed as extras. Charlie Conlon and Jake Quinn, like most of the rest of the village, are delighted that the Hollywood gravy train has pulled up – bringing the likes of stars Caroline Giovanni and Kurt Steiner as well as a handsome daily pay packet.

Charlie has written a film script and is keen that it gets into the hands of anyone who can help him get the green light. Jake has designs on the lovely Caroline herself and is delighted and bemused when she appears to return his interest – but does she have another agenda? As time goes on the glamour begins to wear thin; the locals begin to re-evaluate their relationship with their rich benefactors and Charlie and Jake decide that they have a new story to tell.

Directed by Anton Krause

Charlie – Charles Doyle
Jake – Guy Jones