Submissions 2018 Season

Submissions for next year's season are now being accepted and close on midnight July 30, 2017.

SLT has a reputation for presenting varied seasons which include classic, contemporary & new drama, comedy and musicals appealing to a broad spectrum of audiences.

Directors can submit a maximum of two plays. You don’t have to be an existing SLT member to submit a play for consideration but you will need to become a member if your submission is selected for production. Theatre Committee will liaise with first time directors to assess the level of support they might provide.

If you submit a musical you'll need to include details of your musical director and a CD or link to the songs so that we can listen to them. You'll also need to think about a possible choreographer and where you'd recruit a band from –and the kind of budget that you'd need for this.

You don't need to have directed at SLT before to submit a show. If you have directed elsewhere, please give details of your experience.

You can submit a show that you'd like to see performed without a director attached but it is much more helpful to us to consider any proposal with some kind of a vision of how it would be performed so it's worth getting together with a director if you want to submit in this way.

Bear in mind that if you submit for the first half of the year (up to May/June) you will have to be very flexible about the space in which your show is performed. The Fire Station will hopefully be ready in early 2017 but this is not yet guaranteed so we will probably need to schedule several shows elsewhere until the Fire Station is fully ready to receive audiences.

All plays will be considered with the exception of those that SLT have staged in the past 10 years. You can check the archive of productions here.

How to submit

Complete the online form opposite with details of the play.

Send us the script. If the play is in copyright you must give a physical copy of the published script [not a photocopy] to a member of Theatre Committee (Lisa Thomas, Mark Ireson, Siobhan Campbell or Jess Osorio or send it by post to:

Lisa Thomas
c/o Bloomsbury Publishing plc
31 Bedford Avenue

If the play is out of copyright or is unpublished new writing, you may send an electronic copy to: theatrecommittee@southlondontheatre.co.uk