Submissions 2019 – Spring / Summer

Submissions 2019 – Spring/Summer season now open

Submissions for next year are open until midnight on Saturday 7th July, so get your ideas in now! And we’re changing things around a little this year, as we’re back in the Old Fire Station again, so make sure you read through the submissions page to find out what you need to do to submit a great show for SLT to produce.

Our new-look season

We’re going to be splitting the season into two with a Spring/Summer season from March to August, and an Autumn/Winter season from September to February. With two seasons, there’ll be two chances to submit – so twice as many opportunities to get a show on at SLT!

To switch over, we’re currently looking for shows to run from January to August 2019, and then we’ll have a second submission period later in the year for September 2019 to March 2020. So even if you can’t think of something now, or aren’t successful, you’ll get another chance soon.

What are we looking for?

SLT has a fantastic reputation for combining more challenging contemporary theatre with classics, musicals and comedies to come up with a season to delight our wide-ranging membership and their friends and families. So we’re open to all sorts of ideas, but you can only submit a maximum of two plays. The only things we won’t consider are any shows that we’ve done in the past ten years. You can see what we’ve done on our archive pages here.

You don\'t need to have directed at SLT before to submit a show, but if you’ve directed somewhere else, don’t forget to tell us about what you’ve done. You don’t have to be an existing SLT member, but you will need to join if you’re successful.

If you submit a musical you\'ll need to include details of your musical director and a CD or link to the songs so that we can listen to them. You\'ll also need to think about a possible choreographer and where you\'d recruit a band from.

All shows get a maximum budget of £200, over and above the cost of any rights. If you think your show will need a larger budget, please have a think about this and tell us now. We understand that some bigger shows, like musicals, have higher costs, but these would need to be agreed before we schedule the show.

What’s changed?

Apart from changing to two seasons, there are a couple of other things you need to be aware of, as we’re back at the Old Fire Station again.

  • All rehearsals will be at the Old Fire Station in West Norwood.
  • Every show gets the same amount of rehearsal time – 8 hours a week for 8 weeks.
  • There are two rehearsal schedules. If you cannot do one, you must tell us when you submit. The schedules are:
    • A – Wednesday and Friday 8pm-10pm; Sunday 2pm-6pm
    • B – Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-10pm; Sunday 6pm-10pm

How do submissions work?

First – choose what you’d like to submit!

Then there are two things you need to have done by midnight on Saturday 7th July:

  1. Complete the online form opposite with details of the play.
  2. Make sure we have received a copy of the script.

If we don’t have the submission and the script by then, we won’t be able to consider your submission – sorry, it will have to wait until the following season. So please make every effort to get in early. And the safest way to make sure we get the script is to drop it off at the theatre – we’ll put a submissions “post box” in the foyer and you can drop it off there.

If the play is in copyright you must give us a printed copy of the published script and not a photocopy. For plays out of copyright, home-printed or photocopied are fine, as is sending an electronic copy to theatrecommittee@southlondontheatre.co.uk. You’ll get your scripts back, but you will need to pick them up from the theatre.

If you really do need to post it, remember to allow plenty of time for it to have arrived by 7th July, or we won’t be able to consider it. You can post it to:

SLT Theatre Committee, The Old Fire Station, 2A Norwood High Street, London SE27 9NS

What happens next?

As well as considering the written submissions, we’ll be interviewing directors to discuss the show and their approach to staging it, along with any previous experience they have. This is an essential part of the process, and we won’t be able to select a submission without an interview with the director.

Once we’ve selected the shows we’d like to produce,  we’ll contact everyone who’s submitted to let them know whether they’ve been successful. The final season will, of course, be subject to the amateur rights being available. Once these have been confirmed, we’ll be able to announce our first 2019 season!