The Snow Queen

December 7-9 & 13 -15, 2018
(includes matinees on 8, 9 and 15)

Running time: TBC

This year SLT traditional annual Christmas show is The Snow Queen, a magical tale for all the family, full of wonder, music and festive cheer.

Director: Simon Gleisner


Hans Christian Anderson – Tom Melly
Gerda – Nancy Ackland
Kay – Chinedu Felix Igu
The Snow Queen – Jenny Mclaughin
Gerald – Daniel Wicksteed
Raven – Louie Chapman
Tame Raven – Khalida Moore
Prince – Euan MacDonald-Ricoy
Princess – Orla Loughran Hayes
Chancellor – Colin Adamson
Wolfie – David Clements
Bae – Jack Hall
Enchantress – Zahra Abdulla
The Finnish Lady/Grandmother – Carole Coyne
The Lapp Lady – Michelle Thomson