Toad of Toad Hall – Casting Announcement

Tom Melly, director of the much-loved classic Toad of Toad Hall announces his cast:

“Well, it was an almost impossible task selecting a final cast from such an enthusiastic and talented turnout, and if it had come down to those two attributes alone, I don’t think I could ever have made a final choice.

However, I wanted a good mix of both established members and newcomers, as well as a nice mix of ages, temperaments, and sexes, and I couldn’t be happier with my final cast (and many thanks to Tiffany and Lily-Ann for guiding me towards the finish-line).

I’m absolutely over the moon to be directing Toad of Toad Hall – a lifelong love of mine – and hope you’ll join us all down in the Wild Wood in July.”

– Tom Melly

Steph Urquhart

Alaska Couprie

Ross McKenzie

Simon Gleisner

Audrey Lindsay

Aimée Sullivan

Andrew Gaitskell

Jackie Burch

Katie Floyd

Philip Cohen

Mole – Steph Urquhart
Rat – Alaska Couprie
Badger – Ross McKenzie
Toad – Simon Gleisner
Chief Weasel & Ensemble – Audrey Lindsay
Ensemble #1 – Aimée Sullivan
Ensemble #2 – Andrew Gaitskell
Ensemble #3 – Jackie Burch
Ensemble #4 – Katie Floyd
Ensemble #5 – Philip Cohen

Toad of Toad Hall runs from July 17-21, 2018 at the Old Fire Station. Rehearsals begin on 20 May, 2018.