Virtual SLT Play Reading Group

SLT Virtual Play Reading Group

The next play will be:

The Donahue Sisters by Geraldine Aron and One for the Road by Harold Pinter (two one-act plays) –  3pm 30 May

The Donahue Sisters: The attic of the family home in Ireland, once a playroom, is the setting for this sinister play from the author of Bar and Ger. Awaiting the death of their father, sisters talk about their unhappy lives long into the night. The time comes for a ritual re enactment of a violent incident from their childhood.

One for the Road: This award-winning play is an overtly political one-act play about a torturer and the family he victimises.

This group is for all members of South London Theatre, with the aim of reading (or just listening to) a selection of plays together via Zoom

The group meets weekly on Saturdays at 3pm. The organiser is Jenn Nettles, who advertises the play to be read in advance, requests registration from interested members and then sends out a Zoom invitation in advance of the session. You’ll also find details on this Facebook page

Send a message to Jenn if you’d like to participate – or even just join the meeting and listen to others read.