Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

October 12-16

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes (including a 15 minute interval)

Vivian Mercer famously described this as a play in which “nothing happens, twice”. It has become a modern classic. Two tramps, Estragon and Vladimir, wait in a barren landscape for Godot to come. Pozzo and Lucky, a master and servant, arrive and join them briefly. A boy brings hopeful messages. In the second act, this happens again. The interdependence of Gogo and Didi is lightened by quick fire repartee and music hall routines, as they use the humour of nonsensical banter to survive. Comedy is never far from the tragedy and pathos of their existence, and hope is rarely lost. This entertaining and surreal play provides unexpected twists to challenge the audience, while exploring and echoing so many aspects of our pandemic experience, thereby reminding us all that humour – and hugs – will surely enable us to survive anything

Director: Jeanette Hoile


Estragon – Jason Salmon
Vladimir – Simon Gleisner
Pozzo – Paul White
Lucky – Simon Streather
A Boy – Alec Osborne