When We Are Married

When-We-Are-Married-Poster8pm, March 15-19

Three respectable Victorian couples, all old friends who married on the same day in the same chapel, come together to celebrate their silver anniversaries. But to their horror they discover they were never legally married at all, forcing a complete reappraisal of their marriages – to make things worse their distress and upset is all played out in front of the unblinking lens of a local photographer.

J.B. Priestley hated what he regarded as the smugness and hypocrisy of the Edwardian middle classes. While he sometimes aimed to skewer them polemically (as in An Inspector Calls), here, he satirises them. As their initial mortification subsides, all their players become aware that their lives have been overturned and can be changed for better or for worse. One hen-pecked husband gets the chance to assert himself against his domineering spouse, while two of the women are offered the tantalising prospect of liberation from boring and errant husbands. But will they take the opportunities offered and shake off the marital shackles? Or will the status quo prevail?

Directed by Anthony Campling

Ruby Birtle – Emily Prince
Gerald Forbes – David Blatcher
Mrs. Northrop – Margaret Glenn
Nancy Holmes – Amy Flinders
Fred Dyson – Rob Wallis
Henry Ormonroyd – John Lyne
Joe Helliwell – Peter Medd
Maria Helliwell – Janet Haney
Albert Parker – Chris Bennett
Herbert Soppitt – Jeremy Clyne
Clara Soppitt – Fiona Daffern
Annie Parker – Su McLaughlin
Lottie Grady – Carole Coyne
Rev Mercer – Malcolm Woodman