Amazing Photos From The Restoration Project


web-adWe are now in Day 71 of the Restoration Project of the Old Fire Station.

I visited the site today to take photographs of the building works and to speak with onsite project co-ordinator Dan Roberts from Ash Contracting Ltd. about how the work is progressing.

The amount of work done already is quite astonishing. The entirety of Prompt Corner's roof has been removed exposing the metal girders that were put there when the extension was originally built. Also revealed are a row of windows almost entirely intact that run along the back wall of the theatre from Prompt Corner right through to the doors that the audience once used to enter Bell Theatre. The Architects were unaware that these windows were there and are currently considering how they may feature in the restoration.

Today the builders were digging down through the floor to create the shaft where the elevator will be situated which will connect all the public access floors.

The other startling and obvious change is the extension on the North side of the building, which once housed the ladies toilets, has been completely demolished and you can now see the shape of the original building as it was when it was built in 1881.

It is very exciting to see the building reverting back to its original shape while at the same time transforming into the new space it will eventually become.

If all goes to plan, SLT will be handed the keys to the new building exactly one year to the day. Exciting times!

- Bryon Fear, Publicity Director