Announcing SLT’s 53rd AGM

Save the Date!

8pm, 17 August 2020

SLT Annual General Meeting
(Followed by SLT Member’s Club Annual General Meeting)

We are delighted to announce the details for the 53rd SLTC AGM and 45th Members’ Club AGM, which will be held virtually on Monday 17 August 2020.

It has been agreed, by both General Council and Members’ Club Committee to hold this years’ AGMs virtually. This is in response to the current pandemic and requirement to social distance (and that theatres are currently closed by law). The AGMs will be held virtually over Zoom, with as much information as possible circulated in advance. Zoom has facilities for conducting anonymous voting and for those unable to participate, you can submit a proxy vote. A minimum of 20 people will need to attend the virtual AGMs. Participating on our Committees is more vital now than ever. As you will probably know, because of the recent agreed rule changes to tenure there will be some committee members that must automatically step down. But all posts are genuinely open to competition and we truly welcome lots of nominations for these important roles to help steer us successfully through to our new future.

We ask every person being nominated, for either committee, to submit a 2-minute video, (or transcript of a 2-minute speech if you do not have access to video facilities or do not wish to put forward your message through this medium) along with the nomination form to the GC General Secretary or Members’ Club Secretary. The video or transcript should outline your motivation and suitability for the role for which you have been nominated.

These videos, or transcripts, will then be uploaded onto the website so everyone can view them in advance.

Whilst we would wish as many of you as possible to attend the AGM via Zoom, if you are unable to, you can submit a proxy form so that your vote counts. We encourage you to submit these directly to the General and/or Members’ Club Secretary with your nominations as this will help voting on the night. If either of these posts are contested we will notify you of an independent third party to send your proxy votes to.

You may also submit any resolutions that you wish to be considered at either AGM. These will also be published or posted in advance.

Formal notice of both AGMs, nomination forms and proxy forms are published on the South London Theatre website

For full information about the AGM process, elections, resolutions and proxy voting please visit our AGM Page here.

– Simon Gleisner, Chair, South London Theatre

– Adam Crook, Chair, SLT Members’ Club