Audience Attendance July-Sept, 2017

It is in our constitution that we publish our audience figures every quarter. Here are the figures for the last quarter (July-September, 2017). All show figures and revenue are available to members in the annual report issued prior to every AGM.

It’s been quite a year with a very varied programme – and we still have 3 shows to go!

Some notes for clarification:

  • Group / Family tickets are restricted to suitable shows
  • Comp ticket figures do vary from show to show as they depend on:
    • take-up of free tickets by new members
    • whether box office team take up their comps in show week
    • any tickets we feel it’s appropriate to give away in lieu of thanks
    • or for PR reasons
  • The balance of non-member to member tickets has been affected by the ease with which non-members can buy tickets online

I hope you find these interesting, and are as pleased as we are that the majority of shows this year are over two-thirds capacity. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me via email here.


Cal Beckett
Box Office Manager