Building works projects & BPT update

Some highlights from Charlotte Benstead, Chair of the Building Preservation Trust

Hello all ! I am due to give you our annual round up of stuff from the Building Preservation Trust (BPT). We held our AGM on 5 January, and unlike the SLT, the BPT (being the supporting artist in the whole running of things) has a small gathering of its Trustees to ensure we stay compliant with company and charitable law (I can tell you are excited!) and this was done satisfactorily. As part of the meeting we appoint our auditors, approve our accounts, appoint Trustees and say farewell to others.

Mr Charles G. Doyle said tatty-bye after helping us over a number of years including seeing us through the refurbishment project, the move out, the move back in and settling us back into our much improved building. As well as hanging up his General Stage Manager hat he fancied a bit of a break and is looking forward to seeing you all in the bar with his ordinary member hat on. So please ensure you shake his hand, buy him a bevvy and thank him for helping make the SLT building all that it is today!

We also said hello to Bryon Fear who will be taking over the roles that Chaz helped oversee, and that will mean helping us with the planned capital works we have in store for the next 12 months.

On that note here’s the update about the proposed building works. We have been kindly granted some funds from both the SLT and Member’s Club, and that, along with the generous donation from several members, plus fundraising efforts from shows and events that have been added to our own reserves, means we are almost over the line in terms of being able to deliver the improvements we have identified as a priority.

Here’s the top of the charts for works

  • Replacing the rusty beam in the basement £30,000
  • Replacement lightwell – TBC
  • Shutters for the front doors £17,000
  • Repairs to the Tower – £9,500
  • Other smaller items guestimate – £5,000
  • Entrance improvements – £10,000

There is a small working group forming to help move the project on. I will do a detailed breakdown of what each element includes at a later date.

Thanks to everyone who has donated, supported and helped us so far.
Charlotte and the BPT team (6 January 2022)

Further update

We are almost over the line with the funding for the four major projects, and the next step was to put together a small team to help oversee the programme of works. With the best of intentions, running every decision across three committees would never work, so instead we agreed to have reps from SLT/BPT and the Members’ Club in the group, as well as the return of Carole Coyne who was so key in the first refurbishment works.

Once we have met, we will work closely with Bex Law and David Clements to ensure that the works have minimum impact on the day to day running of the building. We hope to have a spring start and complete all the works by the end of the year.

The project team comprises myself, Gareth Milton, Carole Coyne, Graham Clements and Bryon Fear. We will be ably assisted by Christopher Stooke and Marianne Jacobson who will be keeping an eye on the money.

Thanks to everyone who has donated, organised events, and dug deep. We will update you every month for the duration of
the project.
Charlotte and the BPT team (18 January 2022)