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Casting: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

25 Nov 23

Visually modern but with the classic text. Director Miriam Nice announces the cast of her Shakespearean outing.

The mighty and untouchable fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream have the power to make decisions that cause total and utter chaos - they can even influence the disruption of the weather.

They have everything they could possibly want, yet they still meddle with the hard working people who support them. Sounds less like a 400 year old tale; and more like newspaper headlines from last week. Playing with the juxtaposition of Shakespeare's classic text and a collection of closely woven modern settings, I hope to create a potentially very satirical piece that shines a light on the magic in creative people.

My wish is that it will serve as a love letter to all artists, performers and makers. This is my first show as a director at SLT but as you can perhaps tell, taking on a much loved classic with a cast of 16 - I am a fan of flinging myself in at the deep end!

Just a week into our rehearsal period I can see I'm working with an extraordinary cast and crew of highly skilled individuals. You are in for an absolute treat!

Miriam Nice

Theseus – Cyril Blake

Hippolyta – Danielle Carter

Oberon – Tom Melly

Titania – Benjamin Gustilo

Hermia – Ane Omagu

Lysander – Paddy Echlin

Helena – Nadine Donelon

Demetrius – Yohann Alexander Phillip

Nick Bottom – Ollie Forest

Peter Quince – Shree Ziradkar

Francis Flute/ Peaseblossom – Ali Gibson

Robin Starveling/ Mustardseed – Amy Evans

Tom Snout/Cobweb – Katie Floyd

Snug/Moth – Holly Marsden

Puck – Han Evans

Egeus – LilyAnn Green


A Midsummer Nights Dream runs 20-24 February 2024. Tickets will be on sale soon.