Casting Announcement: Jack

Peter Stevens, director of this year’s Christmas extravaganza is delighted to announce his cast.

“I was extremely impressed by the talent on display as unwitting auditionees were assisted/forced to learn a song and dance routine in just 30 minutes before showing off their acting skills. As a result, we have assembled a spectacularly talented cast of SLT stalwarts and brand new members to bring the fervid imagination of Matthew Davies and I to life. As I write, we’re into the second week of rehearsals and words cannot express how excited I am to see the show take shape. Plus, with a cast of this magnitude and skill (and that’s before we finalise the kid’s chorus), I can guarantee a truly epic Christmas show, the likes of which I’m fairly confident you won’t have seen before! A happy ending guaranteed for all.”

– Peter Stevens

Jack – Louie Chapman
Jill – Beatrice Hayes-Holland
Fairy – Jenny Mac
Hieronymus – Tom Melly
Queen – Tiffany Manning
Prince – David Clements
Riff – Simon Gleisner
Raff – Suzy Jacobsen
Mother – Charlotte Benstead
Marquis de Sade – Jack King
Molly – Tamara Thomas
Bianca/Prince Manly – Lynsey Pennycooke
Bianca/Prince Manly – Deborah Dubosq
Police Officer – Katherine Chambers
Mayor – Mike Smart
Mayoress – Jackie Burch
Mayoress – Audrey Bobb
Prince Nigel/Constable – John Watson
Chorus – Jenny Chadney, Aurora Hacker, Sarah Atkinson, Tabby McLachlan, Frances Gillard, Purnima Rae, Kian Johnson

Show dates: December 1-4 & 8-11 (Sunday performances are matinee only. There are both evening and matinee performances on Saturdays).