Casting Announcement: Lost Monsters

Siobhán Campbell announces her cast for Lost Monsters by Laurence-Wilson

“With rehearsals grinding to a halt in March 2020, we put our props away and scripts ended up under a pile of lockdown activities. I was thrilled when TC approached me to ask if we wanted to continue with the production and jumped at the chance. Nearly 18 months on it was necessary to recast several of the roles, definitely the hardest audition process I’ve ever had. It was lovely to see so many talented people and I’m very lucky to have found two actors who slotted in so well with the existing cast. I’m pleased to say we’ve got new and existing members on board both on stage and backstage. Although some of us had been working on this previously, the break means we’ve had time to rethink a few bits and come back to the project with fresh eyes and enthusiasm and I’m sure lots of great ideas from our existing and new cast members. I cannot wait. I have even found my script!”

Siobhán Campbell, Director



Richard- Chris Bennett
Jonesy – David Clements
Mickey- Gregory Williams
Sian- Oriana Robos-Murray

Lost Monsters runs from February 22-26, 2022